Installing ModelMuse Version 3.10: a MODFLOW graphical user interface(GUI)

ModelMuse is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the U.S. Geological Survey model MODFLOW-2005 (Harbaugh, 2005), MODFLOW-LGR (Mehl and Hill, 2005, 2007, 2010), MODFLOW-NWT (Niswonger and others, 2011), SUTRA (Voss and Provost, 2002), and PHAST version 1 (Parkhurst and others, 2004).  MODFLOW-2005 is a three-dimensional finite-difference groundwater model. It simulates steady and nonsteady flow in an irregularly shaped flow system in which aquifer layers can be confined, unconfined, or a combination of confined and unconfined. MODFLOW-LGR adds local grid refinement to MODFLOW. MODFLOW-NWT provides an alternate method for solving problems involving drying and rewetting nonlinearities of the unconfined groundwater-flow equation. PHAST simulates multi-component, reactive solute transport in three-dimensional saturated groundwater flow systems.

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The following links contain useful information’s on ModelMuse Installation software, introductory video, documentation and ModelMuse Webinar presentation. Enjoy and thanks to USGS.

Download Link


Introductory Video

ModelMuse introductory documentation

ModelMuse Webinar

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