Delineation of Groundwater Potential Zones Using GIS/Remote sensing Techniques and AHP

Delineating the potential groundwater zones using Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a viable apparatus. In recent years, broad utilization of satellite information along with conventional maps and amended ground truth information, has made it simpler to set up the standard data for groundwater potential zones. Remote sensing not only provides a wide-range scale of the space-time distribution of observations but also saves time and money. (Kumar et al. 2014).¬†¬† In addition, it’s widely used to characterize the earth’s surface (such as lineaments, drainage patterns and lithology) yet on examine the groundwater recharge zones.

This tutorial  shows step by step procedures to delineate Groundwater potential zones using GIS/RS and AHP.


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20 thoughts on “Delineation of Groundwater Potential Zones Using GIS/Remote sensing Techniques and AHP

  1. Hello Dr. I would like to say thks for your nice step by step procedures to delineation of groundwater potential zones. Dr. can you give AHP stastical softwere in excel sheet version.
    Hoping your best response!
    Zena Tessema

  2. I really learnt a lot from your presentation and have subscribed to your Youtube Channel. I wish to request the AHP Excel template to help me practice with my data.

    Thank you

  3. hi dear how are you ..!!
    i seen it the video on Ground water potential zone mapping was good and interested …!!
    for more information please send how can i prepare the all data that is needed to map the GW potential
    if you have datas that is in forms of Excel sheet help me … i am eager to know more about it .

  4. Assalam Alikum
    Dear , well done your explanation and elaboration on Ground Water potential Zone is appreciated, the request is for AHP Excel Sheet if possible.
    +923339219270 whtsapp

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